Meet Eli & Ebony

Eli has always had an interest in pigs growing up and finally found himself farming them in 2015 when he had the opportunity to farm stock on land that had once belonged to his Grandfather. 

Although he originally had dorper sheep, he found that the land needed more improving and could not sustain a flock. After that realisation came the idea to get pigs to assist him with turning and improving the soil. Eli found himself a large white x breeding pair and as pigs do, they multiplied - quickly! 

As the herd grew and Ebony joined him working on the farm, Eli and Ebony decided that it was pigs that they truly wanted to raise, but with a more ethical and sustainable focus. They began building pig purposed infrastructure and expanding into rare and heritage breeds. With many mouths to feed and paddocks to fence, Eli and Ebony began selling at the Camden Saleyards and now currently sell at various farmers markets in the Southern Highlands and South Coast regions and supply high end restaurants in Sutton and Sydney.

Pure bred pigs are a major focus of the farm, which also operates as a pig stud that breeds Hampshire and Duroc pigs, which are the rarest breeds in Australia. 

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