Our Philosophy

At Dewsburys Free Range Pork our philosophy it built on 6 key fundamentals - transparency, conservation, sustainability, ethical farming, community and education. These fundamentals ensures that we have a holistic approach to raising pigs. 

We believe that being transparent assures that our product and way of farming is truly free range and is of the heighest welfare. To allow for full transparency we offer farm visits and tours, welcome questions and discussion with all, consistently keep all social media up to date with plenty of photos and videos of our day to day activities with the pigs and keep an extensive website that details how the farm is managed, what infrastructure we use and how the pigs are handled and cared for. We feel that it is extremely important for us to clearly show the living standards of our pigs and how our practices are implemented.

Sustainable farming is another key part of our philosophy. We believe that as well as having a responsibility to our animals, we also have a responsibility to the land we use as well. We are highly invested in improving our soil to ensure healthy growth of native trees to shade our pigs and crops for our pigs to graze. We do not spray our crops with any pesticides but instead harness our pigs to add nutrients, microbes and turn the soil


Our Practices

 As it is our focus to produce high quality pork we feel that our practices must directly reflect our philosophy and be implemented in a way that is both environmentally sustainable and ensures that every single pig on our farm, no matter how long or short their stay, has the absolute best quality of life that we can provide for them, as nature intended.
This means that at all times our pigs are free to roam and always have access to wallows and clean fresh water, as well as shelters and plenty of shade should they wish to use them. We do not have any paddocks that are open and exposed, every single paddock has plenty of trees.
We stock at a maximum of 10 dry sows to the hectare (or 5 sows with litters), and many paddocks are a much smaller stocking rate. Weaners are kept at a maximum of 40 to the hectare, and finishers are stocked at a maximum of 20 to the hectare. This minimizes the stress on our land, while providing the pigs with plenty of room to avoid overcrowding and confrontation.
Our paddocks are rotated regularly, with most paddocks containing pigs for only 6 months of the year. This helps to reduce disease and parasites, as well as giving the paddocks ample time to recuperate ground cover and grow forage crops for the pigs.
All of our pigs are vaccinated for erysipelas, leptospirosis, pavovirus (breeders only) and mycoplasma (HPV respisure vaccine). This ensures our pigs are as healthy as possible and anyone purchasing breeding stock can be assured that they have the best possible protection available.
We do not use farrowing crates. Farrowing is done in groups of sows that are due at around the same time; each sow is provided with her own shelter and has the choice to use them or not. Some sows will choose not to use a shelter and let their natural instincts kick in. It’s a truly beautiful thing to watch a sow make her own nest! This also means that every one of our pigs are raised entirely outdoors from birth until sale, we do not use indoor systems of any kind. We also do not castrate, tail dock or clip teeth of piglets.

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